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XLR8 was the only alien in the classic who made Ben fastest in any surface and he was the first alien who can run in any surface at high-speed and he was first introduced in Ben 10 classic the original series by the "man of action" who was the episode creator of Ben 10 cartoon. This alien was so popular in between the fans because XLR8 was the winner of a Cartoon Network Ben 10 alien poll in the first twelve aliens but very few fans know the origin of XLR8, so I will cover its origin in this article.

The story of XLR8 begins with Planet Kinet The species name of XLR8 is Kineceleran  

And the DNA sample of XLR8 is taking from the planet Kinet.

First Appearance

1773 (Timeline)

In ben 10 XLR8 first looked in "A New Dawn" where 16-year-old Ben as XLR8 was defeated by young Vilgax.

Ben 10 classic

In ben 10 classic XLR8 first looked in "All That Glitters where he was helping Max and Gwen pack their belongings into the Rust Bucket.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

Future ben (Ultimate Alien) in ben 10

Future Ultimate Alien

In ben 10 Ultimate Alien XLR8 first looked in "Ben 10,000" Returns, where Ultimate Ben used XLR8's against eon

In ben 10 Ultimate Alien XLR8 second looked In "Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United"


xlr8 Omniverse in ben 10

In ben 10 Omniverse XLR8 first looked In "Hot Stretch" XLR8 won a game of street hockey.

Future (classic)

In ben 10,000 classic XLR8 first looked In the episode "Ben 10,000" he was defeated by Vilgax, forcing him to change into Four Arms.


In A New Dawn, 16-year-old Ben as XLR8 was defeated by young Vilgax.

XLR8 Powers 

XLR8 Powers in ben 10

  1. XLR8 can manipulate friction to reach speeds of 500 miles per hour within two seconds. 
  2. After running XLR8 could stop immediately  
  3. XLR8 can create an electric  tornadoes
  4. XLR8 spin with supersonic speeds
  5. XLR8 can run fast on the surface as well as on water
  6. XLR8 can recover from any injuries faster than any other aliens
  7. XLR8 can prehensile his tail
  8. XLR8 can reach at any place with high Speed
  9. XLR8 has more Stamina rather than any alien
  10. XLR8 can take high Jump
  11. XLR8 have powerful Strength
  12. XLR8 has long Durability
  13. XLR8 have a power of Accelerate Thinking
  14. XLR8 have Invisible Speed
  15. XLR8 can Decelerate very vastly
  16. XLR8 can Combat with Speed 
  17. XLR8 have Sharp Elbow Blades
  18. XLR8 have Sharp Claws
  19. XLR8 have Sharp Feet
  20. XLR8 can Cut anything with his Speed 
  21. XLR8 can run on Wall 
  22. XLR8 can Create Vortex
  23. XLR8 can Create Water Vortex while running in water 

XLR8 Weaknesses

XLR8 Weaknesses in ben 10

  • XLR8 cannot run on all surface with high speed such as ice 
  • XLR8 being unable to avoid multiple objects being thrown at him all at once.
  • XLR8 have Exploitable Speed
  • XLR8 have Poor Boredom Coping
  • XLR8 have limited Strength 
  • XLR8 can Stuck in Mud


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