upgrade origin in ben 10

Upgrade is the only alien who made ben technically powerful who was first introduced in Ben 10 classic the original series by the "man of action" who was the episode creator of Ben 10 cartoon. This alien was so popular in between fans but very few fans know the origin of Stinkfly, so I will cover its origin in this article.
The Upgrade is  Galvanic Mechamorphs and upgrade is a technological alien his species was unconsciously created by the Galvan scientists, lead by Azmuth, who was working on a project to made  Galvan Prime's moon suitable for living habitat but during this project, the Azmuth having some problem in his machine helix and accidentally a  new species invent named  Galvanic Mechamorphs on the planet (Galvan B) and the structure upgrade body is gel-like composed nanites (fluid metal). upgrade is not perfectly solid, as he can be both gelatinous and liquid. the DNA sample of Upgrade is taking from the planet Galvan B

First Appearance

First Appearance upgrade in ben 10

Ben 10 classic

In ben 10 classic Upgrade first looked in "Permanent Retirement" where he stopped thieves from robbing an ATM

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

In ben 10 Ultimate Alien Upgrade first looked in "Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United" Upgrade merged with Rex to battle Alpha

Ben 10 Omniverse

In ben 10 Ultimate Alien Upgrade first looked in "OTTO Motives" Upgrade merged with Kevin's car 

Upgrade Powers

Upgrade Powers in ben 10

  1. Upgrade has a power of Technokinesis
  2. Upgrade have a power of Technoformation
  3. Upgrade can travel through electrical currents
  4. Upgrade has a power of Technological Mimicry
  5. Upgrade is able to regenerate himself
  6. Upgrade have Technological Possession
  7. Upgrade can Enhanced his Technological power
  8. Upgrade have power of Technological Repairment
  9. Upgrade can destruct anything by his Technological Destruction
  10. Upgrade has a power of Techno-Phasing
  11. Upgrade has a  power of Technokinetic- Combat
  12. Upgrade have a Liquid Form body
  13. Upgrade can produce Optic Laser
  14. Upgrade can Electroporate
  15. Upgrade can Regenerate electric machinery
  16. Upgrade have Body Altering power
  17. Upgrade can produce his body size
  18. Upgrade have Elastic body
  19. Upgrade can Combat by his Elastic body
  20. Upgrade can survive in Space
  21. Upgrade have Movable Head (via Technological Possession)
  22. Upgrade can Enhanced his Strength
  23. Upgrade can Enhanced his Durability
  24. Upgrade can Enhanced his Agility
  25. Upgrade can Enhanced his Flexibility
  26. Upgrade have Mechanical Morphing
  27. Upgrade can produce a powerful green energy blast from his eye.

Upgrade Weaknesses

Upgrade Weaknesses in ben 10
  • Upgrade have Limited Regeneration power
  • Upgrade being Sensitivity against Electromagnetic Pulses
  • Upgrade being  weak  against electricity
  • Upgrade have Limited Technological Possession power
  • Upgrade can be affected by technical viruses[DJW 3] and a pnemuina's sleeping dust.
  • Upgrade can be controlled by Vladats 
  • Upgrade being weak against acid and intense heat such as lava.


  1. You are doing a amazing work. Your sharing facts are really interesting. Thanks bro for sharing use these facts.

  2. Bro now in Ben 10 reboot upgrade's DNA got destroyed while omnitrix was rebooting and a new alien was introduced who was shockrock

  3. Happy to see you again. Keep uploading those types videos and post. As a Ben 10 fan I like your every video. Mostly, I love Ben 10 Ultimate Alliance. When I see this cartoon than I greatly remember my childhood day. Thanks man. best Ben 10 games for Android.


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