Terraspin (Galapagus)

Terraspin is an alien turtle in ben 10 terraspin is DNA of Galapagus from the planet Aldabra in the Andromeda Galaxy and Species' name is Geochelone Aerio. Terraspin (Galapagus) is very peaceful in nature



Ultimate Alien

Terraspin (Galapagus) looks first time in ben 10  episode name ben 10 Ultimate Alien episode  "Escape from Aggregor"  where he begged to help own because he wanted to go home world Aldabra


Terraspin looks episode "In The More Things Change: Part 2"



Terraspin can create devastating wind 
Terraspin can create tornados.
Terraspin can rotate at high speeds. 
Terraspin can creating strong vacuums
Terraspin can fly easily
spinning time his hand very sharp
Terraspin Teeth is very strong 
Terraspin has immense life span
Terraspin has a powerful shell 
Terraspin (Galapagus) is very peaceful in nature



If he stopped by something to spin his arms and legs and if his hole blocked which is on the chest of terraspin then his wind power finished will decrease
Terraspin can be affected by magic
Terraspin can easily slip on water
Terraspin cannot jump high
Terraspin (Galapagus ) Species Geochelone Aerio didn't know about the fight
Terraspin cannot run fastly 

Terraspin fact 

Terraspin  Species name is Geochelone Aerio
Terraspin  Home name is World Aldabra
Terraspin is DNA source Galapagus
Galapagus never say lie
Terraspin (Galapagus) is an alien turtle
Terraspin is very peaceful rather than other aliens in ben's Omnitrix 
Terraspin (Galapagus) Second alien DNA capture by Omnitrix

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