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 Species lepidopteran
 Home Planet Lepidoptera
 Main power Fly
 DNASource lepidopteran DNA

Stinkfly was the only alien in the classic who made Ben powerful in the air and he was the first alien who can fly in the air at high speed and he was first introduced in Ben 10 classic the original series by the "man of action" who was the episode creator of Ben 10 cartoon. This alien was so popular between the fans but very few fans know the origin of Stinkfly, so I will cover its origin in this article.
The story of Stinkfly begins with Planet Lepidoptera which was the smelliest Planet in the Milky Way galaxy. The species name of Stinkfly is Lepidopterian  
And the DNA sample of Stinkfly is taking from the planet Lepidoptera.


Ben as Stinkfly

Ben 10 classic

In ben 10 classic Stinkfly first looked in "Washington B.C." where he saved Gwen from the Dr. Animo Mutant Cockatiel

Ben 10 Omniverse

Ben 10 Omniverse Stinkfly

In ben 10 Omniverse Stinkfly first looked in "Of Predators and Prey: Part 1" where Stinkfly fought Buglizard.

BEN 10,000 (Original)

Ben 10,000 Stinkfly

In Ben 10,000 Stinkfly first looked in the episode "Ben 10,000" where Stinkfly was defeated by Vilgax, so he changes into XLR8

Kevin as Stinkfly

Kevin Stinkfly first looked in "Kevin 11" episode where he was a darker color and without an Omnitrix symbol in head 

Stinkfly Powers 

Stinkfly Powers in ben 10

  1. Stinkfly can fly in the air with high speed 
  2. Stinkfly must have Slime Projectiles power which help him to combat with enemies 
  3. Stinkfly can excrete Slime Spit from his eyes and mouth 
  4. Stinkfly leave Poison Gas which is harmful for anyone and he uses this Poison Gas to combat
  5. Stinkfly can leave Toxic Saliva from his mouth 
  6. Stinkfly must have Sharp Claws which can damage anything 
  7. Stinkfly has Sharp Feet which help him to catch anything
  8. Stinkfly have Sharp Tail
  9. Stinkfly's Strong Exoskeleton body is strong which allow him to survive while smashed through buildings 
  10. Stinkfly can Enhanced his Strength
  11. Stinkfly must increase his Durability
  12. Stinkfly is able to increase his  Agility
  13. Stinkfly have Fire Suppression power while Slime Projectiles
  14. Stinkfly must have Aerial Combat power
  15. Stinkfly has Herbicide Projection which protect him from enemies
  16. Stinkfly can Craw on any Wall 
  17. Stinkfly must have 360-degree vision as he moves his two eyes at the back of his head and keep the other two eyes at the front of his head.

Stinkfly Weaknesses

Stinkfly Weaknesses in ben 10

  • One of the biggest weakness of Stinkfly is that he can't fly if his wings were wet by water 
  • Stinkfly can be tied in place by his tail because his tail is Vulnerable 
  • Stinkfly can Trapped by Buglizard who was his natural predator
  • Stinkfly is Vulnerable against  Magic
  • Stinkfly is Vulnerable against Fire
  • Stinkfly is Vulnerable against Electricity
  • Stinkfly have Ineffective Slime poison or gas. 


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