ben 10 Ghostfreak origin

Ghostfreak was the first alien in the ben 10 classic who made Ben invisible anytime. Ghostfreak (Zs'Skayr) was the first alien who successfully escaped the Omnitrix 
Ghostfreak was first introduced in Ben 10 classic the original series by the "man of action" who was the episode creator of Ben 10 cartoon. This alien was most popular between the ben 10 fans but very few fans know the origin of Ghostfreak, so I will cover its origin in this article.
Ghostfreak Species name is Ectonurite and his Home World is Anur Phaetos And his DNA source of Zs'Skayr from the planet the Florauna (Wildvine planet) 

First Appearance

1773 (Omniverse)

In A New Dawn, 16-year-old Ben as Ghostfreak failed to possess the zombie red coat.
Prior to Ben 10

Ben 10 classic 

Ghostfreak first appeared in Permanent Retirement, where he escaped Vera's house, 

Ben 10 Alien Force

In ben 10 Ghostfreak first looked in In Ghost Town, Ben scanned Zs'Skayr again and transformed into Ghostfreak,

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

In ben 10 Ghostfreak first looked in In The Ultimate Sacrifice, Ghostfreak escaped Sentient Ultimate Spidermonkey's webbing and failed to possess Sentient Ultimate Humungousaur before being frozen by Sentient Ultimate Big Chill, forcing Ghostfreak to change into Heatblast.

Ben 10 Omniverse

In ben 10 Ghostfreak first looked in In Mystery, Incorporeal, Ghostfreak saved Professor Xagliv from Michael Morningstar,(Darkstar)

Ghostfreak Powers 

ben 10 Ghostfreak power
  • Ghostfreak can Deform anybody and also possess anybody which helps him to in sunlight.
  • Ghostfreak can Shift people Density.
  • Ghostfreak can Form him into Smoke-like structure and he also have Protective and Removable Skin 
  • Ghostfreak can become Intangible which allows him to phase solid matter.
  • Ghostfreak's Intangibility power allows him to Combat with his enemies.
  • Ghostfreak is able to possess his enemies body and also their movement.
  • Ghostfreak can turn Invisible and he has sharp claws in his body which is able to cut a metal.
  • Ghostfreak can absorb anybody's mana.
  • Ghostfreak can Combat with his Invisible power.
  • Ghostfreak can Survive in Space.
  • Ghostfreak has Tentacles inside his body by which he can generate the throne.
  • Ghostfreak can  Move his  Eyes along the black lines which was situated on his body.
  • Ghostfreak (Zs' Skayr ) has Sharp Claws which cut 
  • Ghostfreak (Zs' Skayr ) Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Ghostfreak (Zs' Skayr ) has able to release energy beams
  • Ghostfreak (Zs' Skayr ) has move object by his hands 
  • Ghostfreak (Zs' Skayr ) is able to control the mind

Ghostfreak Weaknesses

Ghostfreak Weaknesses in ben 10
  • Some species are able to see  ghostfreak when he is invisible example kraab and wildmutt 
  • Ghostfraek is penetrability to Magic
  • Ghostfraek can not enter the body of the zombie 
  • Ghostfreak is vulnerable to sunlight without second skin 
  • Ghostfreak can be harmed by electricity
  • he cannot  Pyronites or Crystalsapiens because of the light or solar-like radiation on themselves


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