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Diamondhead was an alien in ben 10 classic who never being old and he was the only alien after way big who defected the winner of the 10 world name vilgax and he was the third alien who was introduced in Ben 10 classic first episode by the "man of action" who was the episode creator of Ben 10 cartoon. This alien was so famous in between the fans but very few fans know the origin of Diamondhead, so I will cover its origin in this article.
The story of Diamondhead begins with Planet petropia The species name of Diamondhead is Petrosapien and the DNA sample of Diamondhead is taking from the planet petropia.

First Appearance

Diamondhead first appeared in "And Then There Were 10", where he beat the Vilgax's Gigantic Drone and saved a park.

Alien Force

"In Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2", Diamondhead appeared after destroying the chromastone by Vilgax and beat the latter.

Ultimate Alien

"In Basic Training", Diamondhead beat the Brannigan.

Ben 10 Omniverse

"In It Was Them," Diamondhead fought against Slamworm.

Future (Original)

In Ben 10,000, Diamondhead battled against Dr. Animo and vilgax

Race Against Time Timeline

In "Ben 10 Race Against Time" movie Diamondhead battled against Eon

Diamondhead  Powers

  1. Ben 10 Diamondhead have crystal body
  2. Ben 10 Diamondhead can Combat with crystals
  3. Ben 10 Diamondhead Construct anything with his crystal
  4. Ben 10 Diamondhead have Shard Projectiles
  5. Ben 10 Diamondhead have Sharp Back Shards
  6. Ben 10 Diamondhead can Manifest the Weapon
  7. Ben 10 Diamondhead have strong Metamorphic Arm
  8. Ben 10 Diamondhead has a power of Arm Extension
  9. Ben 10 Diamondhead can Regenerate anything
  10. Ben 10 Diamondhead can Alternate his Body
  11. Ben 10 Diamondhead has a power of Energy Refraction
  12. Ben 10 Diamondhead has a power of Decaying Immunity
  13. Ben 10 Diamondhead have Time Ray Immunity
  14. Ben 10 Diamondhead have Heat Resistance body
  15. Ben 10 Diamondhead can survive in space
  16. Ben 10 Diamondhead have powerful Strength
  17. Ben 10 Diamondhead have long Durability
  18. Ben 10 Diamondhead has a Skill of Hand-to-Hand Combat
  19. Ben 10 Diamondhead can manipulate the Mana

Diamondhead Weaknesses

  • Ben 10 Diamondhead'S BODY HAVE Heat Resistance Limit
  • Ben 10 Diamondhead HAVE Durability Limit
  • Ben 10 Diamondhead is Vulnerable to Being Lifted
  • Sometimes Ben 10 Diamondhead Blinded by Lepidopterran Slime
  • One of the biggest weakness of Ben 10 Diamondhead is Sonic Vibrations by Sonic device
  • Ben 10 Diamondhead can slip on certain surfaces
  • Ben 10 Diamondhead can be frozen ice

Diamondhead fact

  • Diamondhead is Petrosapien from the planet petropia.
  • Ben 10 Diamondhead is the second alien who beat the Vilgax
  • Diamondhead first looked  in "And Then There Were 10",
  • Diamondhead never being old
  • albedo is make first alien of Diamondhead by ultimatrix
  • Gwen and Kevin also transform in Diamondhead 


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